Our Challenge

Urbanization poses considerable challenges, including climate change, environmental quality and access to energy and overpopulation. Urban planning must reassess how to sustainably supply the population with basic services at an affordable cost.

Climate Change

Energy Transition

Circular Economy

Growth of The City

Our Services

Engineering, Advice & Consultancy

We are an engineering services company, a project-based business that provides specialized consulting services to help clients bring products or technology to market. Our services will range depending on the project scope.


Project Management

Project Finance

About Us

Sysnesia Engineering

Sysnesia Engineering vision is Indonesia city that runs entirely on sustainable and circular development. Sysnesia design, constructs, and provide integrated solutions for water, infrastructure, energy, environment, health, intelligence, transportation, mobility and advanced facilities development.

We provides free guides and expert advice to support your work on consultation, policy making, project installation, system operation, project management, finance and more.

We help from medium to big sustainable city & circular development  projects. If you are creating a sustainable development project in Indonesia, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Solution

Integrated Sustainable Solutions like Water, Infrastructure, Energy Neutral, Environment, Health and Advanced Facilities Development.


As global supply and demand for water intensifies, solving the world’s most complex water challenges demands different thinking – and that’s where we come in.


Robust infrastructure establishes the backbone of productive, economically strong communities as assets essential to commerce, public safety.


Our expert is a connected global network of strategists, planners, architects, interiors, designers, engineers, and constructors that provide strategic design.


We work with our clients to tackle challenges head-on, reimagining approaches to create and sustain, well-functioning, thriving and resilient health systems.


We get excited to solve our world’s connectivity challenges: tunnels to dig, tracks to lay, roads and bridges to build, airports and seaports etc.

Advanced Facilities

We bring an inspired blend of collaborative creative excellence to clients in a broad range of niche advanced facilities.

Energy Neutral

Harvest energy from immediate surroundings like sun light, heat, radio waves, waste) and transform it to the electricity for operation.


Our clients move people, goods, and freight over land, through the air, across the sea, underground transportation.


It’s time to think differently about the future — about how we prepare for and respond to natural, societal and economic risks.


We dig deeper to understand how the solutions we design impact human behavior and performance for better Indonesia.


Our Business

Sysnesia Group currently starting 8 Business Units.

Information Technology

Sysnesia is a trusted partner for various industries in improving their business from IT infrastructure, cloud computing, data analysis, GIS maps, software development, artificial intelligence etc.

Digital Services

Sysnesia Digital provides solutions from website design & development, website domain & hosting, digital marketing, digital media and asset production, data analysis & insights, social media management, etc.

Online Store

We sell technology products such as computers, laptops, servers, storage, networking, video conferencing,, cameras,cybersecurity, CCTV, drones, robots, IoT & sensors, solar panels, smart homes and software.

On-Demand Services

Sysnesia Apps provides mobile application and web application as On-Demand Services in one data and one system to serve Indonesia needs from Sabang to Merauke through Digital & AI Tranformation.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy such as solar, wind, ocean, biomass, biogas, hydrogen which brings economic benefits while ensuring an environmentally friendly energy infrastructure for a sustainable future.

Engineering Services

We build smart cities, smart villages, smart islands, smart buildings & homes where engineering and technology are driven by data and artificial intelligence to interact seamlessly with their people as a vision of a better world.

Knowledge Search

Sysnesia Academy is Indonesia leader in knowledge search. Our mission is to connect our client with the Indonesia’s best knowledge, helping them improve critical decisions, sharpen their thinking and drive their business forward.

Next Generation Media

Sysnesia Insights is Indonesia online media, events, and jobs platform for Indonesia's tech communities. We delivers latest news, data, analysis and video about business, technology, sustainability, investing, entrepreneurship, and leadership.